Kamikaze Collection's Amazing Glaze & Over Coat Ceramic (along with of a few of our other favorite Kamikaze Collection Products)


Kamikaze Collection’s Amazing Glaze recently arrived on our shelves and it was time to give it a try. As a product designed to not only clean the surface but also provide a margin of filling for very light defects, it can be used in a variety of situations where a full paint correction is not desired. Additionally, it has some protective characteristics which also place it into the All-In-One classification of care car products, that is, products that provide some measure of paint rejuvenation and enhancement as well as protective qualities.

While it can be used as a stand-alone product, it can also be used as a suitable base layer for one of Kamikaze’s ceramic coatings as well as be used on top of an existing ceramic coating to fill/remedy minor imperfections while not adversely affecting the base layer coating and providing a slick, glossy finish.

So how did we use it? In this case we combined it with some of our other favorite Kamikaze products during the application of a new ceramic coating on a vehicle fully wrapped in Paint Protection Film. The car had previously been protected with Kamikaze’s ISM Coat 3.0 and given the owners’ frequent desire for something new, it was time to try Kamikaze’s Miyabi Coat 2.0 & Over Coat Ceramic

Vehicle Cleaning & Preparation

After a wash with Kamikaze’s Acid Wash and a chemical decontamination with Gyeon Iron, we grabbed Kamikaze’s No. 5 KMKZ Cleansing from the shelf along with a Mini d’ Elegance Mitt and went over the vehicle twice to ensure and previous waxes, sealants or coatings were removed (remember, the owner likes to try A LOT of different things and the Cleansing will easily & safely get us down to the suitable base for the continued process). Bonus points for the No. 5 cleaning up the surface of the film a bit as well…all without bringing out any machines, pads or polishes!

Kamikaze Collection Amazing Glaze

After another quick wash, it’s time to find out if the Glaze is truly Amazing. A quick word about, well, the word ‘glaze’ itself. In the context of detailing & car care, glaze often gets a bad rap as it doesn’t correct or fix anything but instead hides it/covers it up. But is that really a bad thing in and of itself? Sure, we’d all love perfect paint but in cases where:

  • We’re looking for the ultimate finish on a classic vehicle or one where we don’t want to cut too deeply on (Check out Todd’s video “Are you OVER-detailing your car?”)
  • We’re working on Paint Protection Film where we really can’t polish aggressively
  • We don’t have the equipment, ability or desire to correct the paint

In those circumstances (and likely more) a glaze might just fit the bill. And a glaze you can use ceramic coating over…well that might just be ‘amazing’ or, at the very least, convenient.

Even if it does sound ‘amazing’ it’s worth mentioning what Amazing Glaze WON’T do: It won’t be a substitute for paint correction/polishing for light to medium defects; it may mask or minimize some VERY light defects and clean some other areas up but it does have its limitations.

So with a clean surface to work with, we jumped right in using the instructions on the product page:

  1. Shake bottle well
  2. Apply to a folded, short-nap microfiber towel such as an Edgeless 300gsm (a 1-2″ line of product for each section should be sufficient)
  3. Spread onto the panel and then work the area in 3-4 cross-cross patterns.
  4. Do not use too much force, let the product do the work!
  5. Finish by wiping off excess with a separate microfiber towel, similar to removing any spray coating or wax.

It’s a pretty thin liquid so make sure the pop-top on the cap is closed when you shake it (voice of experience speaking here).

As the instructions state, don’t work it with much pressure as that will likely remove any of the ‘filling’ as the towel moves over the surface. We waited until the product had begun to dry to a haze before removing it; working in approx a 2ft x 2ft section at a time we were quickly around the vehicle. The finish left was glossy and slick and despite being often advised to not touch our paint ( Paint is Delicate – DON’T TOUCH IT ), we did and were rewarded with a smooth, slick feel. The video does bring up a situation where the Glaze surprised me a bit, that being a trio of parallel scratches near the door cup/handle area of the black car.

A nice surprise!

Obviously this was the result of jewelry banging against the paint as the driver opened the door time and time again and I had been staring at it in the garage for over a year now, not sure how to address it with no repercussions. The first ‘normal’ pass with the Amazing Glaze cleaned it up every so slightly but it was still pretty glaring to someone like me. I went at it again with the glaze with more of a localized ‘spot-fix’ approach and whether it filled, or cleaned up the marring somehow, I can’t really see the scratches anymore…quite a surprise to me. There was another very light scratch on the back hatch that I had noticed over the last year…not very deep but noticeable so I tried the same spot-fix approach and it diminished enough that I really have to look for it to find it.

Regardless if it is the cleaning, decontamination or filling aspect of the product (Kamikaze suggests that all 3 are capabilities), it definitely improved on the overall appearance and it certainly wasn’t a lot of hard work; well worth it on this black car given the limitations of its situation/protection. Another benefit was that it left a surface that made the next step (applying 2 layers of Kamikaze’s Miyabi Coat 2.0) a smoother, more efficient process as well. As recommended by Kamikaze, the entire car was wiped down with Gyeon Prep prior to applying the Miyabi, which occurred approximately 11 hours after finishing with the Glaze.

Kamikaze Collection Over Coat Ceramic

With the surface stripped of old protection, cleaned & enhanced with KMKZ Cleansing & Amazing Glaze and 2 layers of Miyabi applied, the highlight of the affair began with the application of the new Over Coat Ceramic on the coated paint. We let the Miyabi set for 2-3hrs after the final layer was applied and then started with the Over Coat Ceramic and unfortunately finished far too quickly; the application is just so enjoyably easy (and quick) that a 2nd layer was almost applied just for the sheer enjoyment of the process. It really doesn’t wipe on & off of the paint but rather it just melts into the paint as the towel glides over it.

I applied it heavy, I applied it light, I sprayed into a towel, I sprayed onto an applicator pad and I intentionally left smudges here and there for 15 minutes or so and in the end…no harm, no foul; it was simply impossible to make a lasting mistake. The look was akin to a thin layer of glass over the surface and the feel (“DON’T TOUCH YOUR PAINT”) was a delightfully slick and smooth surface; the look improved a bit overnight and the slickness did not diminish. The look of it over Miyabi on black paint is simply a treat and I look forward to seeing how it progresses as the vehicle ventures out into daily use.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s quite a nice pair of products, certainly worthy of consideration if their benefits fit your circumstances. What might those circumstances be? 

  • You have a new vehicle where the paint is in decent condition and you don’t feel the need for a full paint correction but want to use a ceramic coating. The Amazing Glaze will provide a nice base, alleviate some very minor flaws in the paint and enhance the shine & overall condition a bit.
  • If you have a vehicle where some protection is desired but you don’t want to go with a full-on ceramic coating, Over Coat Ceramic is a great, easy to use ceramic solution that will provide gloss & protection. There is no reason whatsoever to fear the application as it is ridiculously ease (and fun!) to use.
  • You just applied a ceramic coating and want to add some extra pop, slickness and protection; Over Coat Ceramic will do just that!
  • Your ceramic coating is a little ‘tired’ and needs a bit of a lift without totally stripping it and re-coating. Over Coat Ceramic is just the ticket and a bit of Amazing Glaze beforehand will certainly do a little ‘fixing’ with its enhancement abilities.

Overall it was a fun and extremely easy to use combo, well worth the time and effort in this case!

Stay tuned as we update this as time goes on!

Kamikaze Collection Amazing Glaze

Kamikaze’s new Amazing Glaze utilizes micro abrasives and molecular resin to not only clean and prep a surface but to also fill any small imperfections. While it will leave a thin hydrophobic layer of protection, the smaller molecular resin utilized will also allow a ceramic coating to bond on top of it if desired.

Kamikaze Collection Over Coat Ceramic

2024’s new Overcoat Ceramic provides an *extremely* easy to apply, high performance ceramic coating in a spray format.