POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Cosmic Diamond Coating & Glasscoat Graphene Spritz

Released in early 2023 as a new, more durable & chemically resistant coating than their beloved Cosmic V2 product, POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Cosmic Diamond Coating and the accompanying Glasscoat Graphene Spritz claimed the same remarkable ease of use of Cosmic V2 while also boosting the visual effects. Increased depth & clarity, a unique, glossy mirror finish and an extreme metallic-glow effect on those paint types were listed among its enhancements; improved water behavior and greater chemical resistance made the list of functionally upgraded features.

Talk is cheap and until proven in the real world, claims are just words on the label; when lining up against the time-tested & revered combo of Glasscoat Cosmic V2 and the legendary Cosmic (‘Corvette’) Spritz, it’s going to take more than just fancy wordsmithing to dethrone the ‘super-sealant’ champ.

With that in mind, soon after the arrival of the first batch in Winter of 2023, we spent a day prepping, polishing and applying Glasscoat Cosmic Diamond Coating and Glasscoat Graphene Spritz to a daily driver to see how the real world would treat it here in Central, OH. Nothing special about the subject vehicle aside from the lovely Aegean Blue Metallic Honda paint, a delicious hue that could best show off any improved aesthetic virtues of the new POLISHANGEL combo…if they were based in reality, that is. Newer doesn’t always mean better (“New Coke” ring a bell?) but sometimes a change can do you good!

This was in no way a ‘test’ of the products but rather just an ‘experience’ of living with them and enjoying them. No gloss meters were used, no DOI meters pulled out and the vehicle was not deliberately assaulted with any harsh chemicals aside from what Mother Nature and the Ohio Department of Transportation threw at it. Reality is harsh enough sometimes, no need to augment it with artificial circumstances!

So how did it do? Would I use it again? Did I enjoy it? There’s only one way to find out…


Before applying the Cosmic Diamond & Graphene Spritz, the subject vehicle received a full chemical & mechanical decontamination, a light polish with Sonax Perfect Finish & yellow Rupes foam pads and final wipedown with POLISHANGEL Primer Spritz. Prior to this, the car was ensconced in Gyeon Cancoat EVO, a wonderfully easy to use and well-performing product known for crazy water behavior and a candy-gloss look.

Application was done indoors (approx 70 degrees F with little humidity) in accordance with POLISHANGEL Instructions:

  1. Prepare the surface with POLISHANGEL Primer Spritz
  2. Shake well before use
  3. Surface must be cool and out of direct sunlight
  4. Ensure the surface is prepared and free of contamination before applying
  5. Apply in circular motions using the included applicator, a POLISHANGEL Finishing Applicator or the ESOTERIC Premium Applicator Pad. We find the ESOTERIC Premium Applicator Pad provides the most enjoyable application experience.
  6. Leave to cure for 30 minutes.
  7. Buff off with a clean microfiber towel. The ESOTERIC Red Premium Microfiber Towel or Eagle Edgeless 350’s are both excellent choices for removal.
  8. For optimal performance apply in at least two layers, allowing 2 hours between layers.
  9. Use POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Graphene Spritz in 1-2 hours after the final application of Cosmic Diamond to reduce total curing time to 12 hours.

After trying a few applicators (a microfiber applicator pad, the included POLISHANGEL Finishing applicator and the red ESOTERIC Premium Applicator) I found the red ESOTERIC Premium Applicator to be the most amenable, not soaking in too much product, not being too soft/flimsy to apply product evenly and nice to use without being a literal ‘pain in the hand’ after completing 2 layers on the entire car.

Overall, a very enjoyable application that went smoothly with no undue apprehension regarding possible mistakes…


At the end of the day, perhaps it’s best summed up with “I’m going to miss it”. It is a simply a wonderful look and feel, held up better than expected and, like all POLISHANGEL products, is purely a joy to use. Each time I caught a glimpse of the car in the garage or out in the wild, the thick, glassy look drew me in and when driving in the rain the hydrophobic effects were wonderfully entertaining. Compared to the traditional Cosmic V2 + Cosmic Spritz, it’s everything that combo is and just a bit more…if that’s what you’re looking for. Cosmic V2 + Cosmic Spritz will always have a treasured place in one’s detailing cabinet but if you need just a bit more muscle and visual splendor, the POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Cosmic Diamond Coating + Graphene Spritz might just be for you, especially on joyfully polarizing colors such as metallic blues & reds and I suspect darker colors such as a deep, inky black.

Overall the POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Diamond Coating & Graphene Spritz performed somewhat similarly to Cosmic V2 + Cosmic Spritz as far as hydrophobic properties and self-cleaning behavior went; the beads were a little taller and the effect maintained a little longer once Central Ohio Winter slop started assaulting the car. It all cleaned up very well on a rare February warm day with just a light hit of POLISHANGEL Ultrared on the lower sides of the vehicle, areas where Winter often has her way with paint in a most unpleasant manner. In the end, no harm, no foul and glossy magnificence returned quite nicely!

If looking for something reasonably durable but short of a full-on ceramic coating and with an ease of use that would make anyone comfortable with it, the Glasscoat Cosmic Diamond Coating & Graphene Spritz combo is certainly worthy of consideration. In a more temperate climate with reasonable daily vehicle usage and maintenance patterns, I’d say 18 months is a good guess on functional longevity. In my personal situation, with a black 2019 Corvette that sees daily driving in all weather between April and November, I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Glasscoat Diamond Coating & Graphene Spritz and would expect at least 2 seasons of awesome looks and performance. Unfortunately it is fully wrapped with PPF and the combo of black paint w/ film edges makes using something of a creamy nature like many sealants (including the POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Diamond Coating) a bit of a maintenance issue; a shame as I’d love to see the finish of POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Diamond Coating + Graphene Spritz on that nice, polished GM black paint.

If you’re a fan of molten-glass type gloss w/ excellent performance, the combo of POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Diamond Coating + Graphene Spritz will likely suit your needs quite well and the ease of application means you’re working smarter, not harder! As I mentioned, I’m going to truly missing seeing it when it’s gone.

POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Diamond Coating

POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Cosmic Diamond Coating

Building upon their renowned Glasscoat Cosmic V2 product, POLISHANGEL has produced a stronger, more chemically resistant Glasscoat product with improved depth and clarity.

Easily applied, the resulting finish will take on a molten, glassy look and on a properly prepared surface, will leave a smooth, sumptuous gloss with a tactile appeal that is hard to resist!

POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Graphene Spritz

Used either as a standalone product as a maintenance product for POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Cosmic Diamond Coating, Glasscoat Graphene Spritz will product an extremely hydrophobic surface with a very glossy mirror finish!

POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Graphene Spritz as a ceramic coating maintenance product

I just had to try the POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Graphene Spritz as a maintenance product on the ceramic-coated black Corvette to see:

  1. How it looked on black as PA mentions that it “…Provides a very deep dark shine on black vehicles”.
  2. How it does w/ regards to a maintenance product going forward.

With the ‘regular’ Cosmic Spritz, if you leave a streak/smudge, can easily clean it up later with just a quick buff. I left a streak on the hood with the Graphene Spritz and a quick buff wouldn’t remove it. A little more spritz on a towel followed by a clean buff did remove it however; make of that what you will.

As for the deep, dark shine and considering looks are highly subjective in any case…it did appear to be a touch more ‘jet-black-like’ under diffused, indoor lighting. Outside in the sun, a little less noticeable but it’s all very up for debate. It certainly didn’t look worse than POLISHANGEL’s original Cosmic Spritz and on some colors will likely please the eye a bit more with its slightly ‘thicker gloss’ on darker colors. Water behavior (this is a Corvette that actually experiences rain quite frequently as a seasonal daily driver) is equal to or better than Cosmic Spritz and it seems to be a bit heartier w/ regards to durability.